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The Idaho Legislature owns making “College” the newest dirty word in the Gem State

Levi B Cavener

By Levi B Cavener 

There are lots of reasons to be frustrated with post-secondary education in the Gem State, starting with tuition that has ballooned astronomically in proportion to inflation.

In fact, as IdahoEdNews reported, tuition costs are up 34% since 2010, even though inflation was only 13%. That’s a steep 21% increase even when adjusted for inflation. So, what gives? Continue reading


Ballot initiative to lower tuition kicks off with event in Boise tonight

3-D_LogoAn Idaho group is kicking off their campaign to lower tuition in the Gem State through a ballet initiative.  The group, StopTuitionHikes.com, is proposing a modest increase in tobacco tax in order to provide additional revenue for Idaho’s post-secondary public colleges and universities.  This modest increase will lower tuition by 22% in the Gem State.

There will be a fun event tonight at Dawson’s Downtown coffeehouse in Boise this evening at 6pm to get the initiative rolling.  Bring your caffeine craving to Dawson’s to learn more about the proposal and how you can help make college affordable in Idaho.  You can also print and read the exact ballet initiative by clicking on this link.