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Highlights From Today’s Idaho Charter School Minority Student Civil Rights Summit

Bluum hosted a Civil Rights Summit in Boise today in which they brought in two guest civil rights attourneys from Washington DC, Lauren Baum and Renita Thukral, to provide information regarding civil rights law and procedures for Idaho public schools; specifically, Idaho’s charter schools compliance with minority student enrollment and compliance with civil rights law.

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The forum was attended by a variety of charter stakeholders including charter school principals, board members, and teachers.  The speakers presented information civil rights eduction law information specific to Communidad Y Justicia’s Office for Civil Rights complaint which alleges charter schools in Idaho engage in discriminatory practices against minority students in including ethnicity, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), Free/Reduced Lunch (FRL), and Special Education students. Continue reading

An open letter to the Idaho Public Charter School Commission and the Idaho Legislature

original-logos-2015-Jun-9244-6115560The following letter was sent out to all members of Idaho’s Lesgiature and members of the Idaho Public Charter School Commission.

The letter asks for tangible action from either the IPCSC or the Idaho legislature to ensure minority services are provided in Idaho’s charters in order to make charter schools a choice for minority families as well.

The actual PDF file version can be viewed here.

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Complaint Filed Against Idaho charter schools to Office of Civil Rights

PrintToday the Idaho Latino Advocacy group Communidad y Justicia issued a scathing complaint to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) declaring that Idaho’s charter schools are violating state and federal law by failing to provide services for minority populations including non-native English speakers, non-white students, Free and Reduced Lunch students, and special education students

This complaint comes on the heals of several stinging reports both via my own information requests with the Idaho Department of Education as well as a newly released report by the state’s Charter Commission detailing in depth the wild disparity between the demographics of charter schools’ student bodies and those of their surrounding traditional public school districts.

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