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Opposition to Tuition Proposal Looks To Divide and Label

President Washington prepares to lead troops to quell so-called "whiskey rebels"

President Washington prepares to lead troops to quell so-called “whiskey rebels”

You would think Idaho was experiencing the Whiskey Rebellion Part Two judging by some of the rhetoric shared regarding the ballot initiative to modestly increase the state’s tobacco tax to lower the cost of college and increase revenue to the state’s tobacco cessation programs.

“Liberal agenda, un-American, and unconscionable acts” are some of the words being used to describe the ballot initiative in the state’s newspapers. Continue reading


“Go On” and sign those ballot initiatives

Go onThere is some irony in the precarious position the Gem State has found itself in. Despite setting a goal in 2010 for 60% of Idaho’s young people under age 34 to attend postsecondary education, the Idaho legislature then decided the way to encourage young people to attend college is to significantly inflate the tuition costs for those would-be students in the subsequent years that followed.  

This objective was coupled with a comedic “Go-On” and “Don’t Fail Idaho” campaign courtesy of Idaho’s Albertson Foundation designed to prod would-be students into higher education despite the increasing costs to attend tethered together with lackluster job prospects in the Gem State to find employment. Continue reading

Ballot initiative to lower tuition kicks off with event in Boise tonight

3-D_LogoAn Idaho group is kicking off their campaign to lower tuition in the Gem State through a ballet initiative.  The group,, is proposing a modest increase in tobacco tax in order to provide additional revenue for Idaho’s post-secondary public colleges and universities.  This modest increase will lower tuition by 22% in the Gem State.

There will be a fun event tonight at Dawson’s Downtown coffeehouse in Boise this evening at 6pm to get the initiative rolling.  Bring your caffeine craving to Dawson’s to learn more about the proposal and how you can help make college affordable in Idaho.  You can also print and read the exact ballet initiative by clicking on this link.