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A Model That Devalues

Does the Value Added Model (VAM) have a place in Idaho’s classrooms?

By Levi B Cavener

Levi B CavenerImagine this scenario: Your job requires you to supervise colleagues at work. In addition, your pay and job retention is linked to the productivity and behavior of the individuals that you oversee.

Such a situation seems like a fairly straightforward corporate setup. But here’s the monkeywrench: despite being a supervisor, you have no tools available to reprimand employees for poor productivity and behavior.
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Idaho’s Promise Proudly Presents the Film Standardized

Idaho Invitation_w_Age_Info

By Levi B Cavener

Want to be better informed about current education “reform” polices? Better yet, would you like to connect with local education advocacy groups in the area and learn how to make a difference?

Then join us at Northern Lights Cinema Grill in Nampa January 30th for a night of cinematography enlightenment, good food, and great conversation with local advocates like ourselves.

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The New Mute Button

Is The Idaho Professional Standards Commission Up to the Challenge?

By Levi B Cavener

Levi B CavenerIdaho educational news made national headlines this year; as usual, it wasn’t because Idaho was touting how it’s educational policies have led it to be a top state in the nation in educating our students. Nope, instead Idaho was blasted over a case involving an ethics probe of an Idaho education teacher. Continue reading