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Mary teaches at a local community college. She graduated from the University of Minnesota and earned an MA in curriculum and instruction from Boise State University. Her adventures in grades 6 through 12 science education began in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She worked as a science curriculum coordinator and online teacher. Her work as a science curriculum coordinator provided many opportunities to become involved with a number of standards and assessment initiatives. Asked to sum up what her years in education have taught her, she states, “At the core is good teaching. Not testing. Not technology. Not a program. But a teacher.”

New Year Navigation

By Mary Ollie

MaryIt’s back to the classroom on Monday, January 6 and of course I’ve not been sleeping well.  Tossing and turning is as predictable as a Treasure Valley inversion in winter.  For me, it always occurs the week before classes resume.  Sometimes, I wake up remembering a course taught years ago.  Other times it is a vision of things to come that interrupts my sleep. Continue reading

Education’s “Inside Job”

By Mary Ollie

MaryToday, we are seeing unparalleled and complex relationships between academia, foundations, corporations, and the media.  Corporations and their non-profit foundations underwrite academic work.  Entire departments or university chairs may be underwritten.  In Idaho, the Albertson Foundation supports Idaho Leads at BSU, Centers for Innovation and Learning at NNU and U of I.  What are the possible consequences of funding researchers and academic institutions?  Could this color opinions? Continue reading