Democrats Have Financial Edge in Supt. Election Fundraising

Cindy Wilson. Boise School teacher seeking Democratic nomination

In a surprising twist, Idaho’s Secretary of State reported today that Idaho’s Democratic challenger for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Cindi Wilson has a substantial edge over her GOP opponents.

In fact, Wilson has collected more election donations that both current Supt. Ybarra and GOP challenger Jeff Dillon combined with a solid take of nearly $27,000 this calendar year.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Ybarra

That some serious coin in comparison to her competition. Ybarra gathered just shy of $12,000 and Dillon raised just under $6,000.

I am still not betting on the blue pony at this point, but Wilson will force her GOP challenger to run a serious, professional campaign.

Wilder Superintendent Jeff Dillon

I’d wager the red elephant will end up Ybarra. Dillon needs a large constituency fussy enough about the status quo to out Ybarra, and I don’t think he has enough support to do it.

Ybarra is an incumbent with statewide name recognition. Dillon’s minimal fundraising will put him at a tremendous disadvantage in getting his name out there, let alone courting would be primary voters to abandon their pick from last election.

However, I think dwelling on the Superintendent race misses the point entirely. The reality is that Team Blue has presented legitimate candidates on multiple fronts which will require the GOP to tap coffers that historically went untouched after the primary date.

That means the GOP needs to be prepared to fundraise all year going forward. Balukoff and Wilson, at a minimum, have proven to be viable fundraising candidates which should put Team Red on edge as we head into november.


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