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BYU Idaho shows importance of Blaine amendment in LGBTQ firing

Recently, BYU Idaho Adjunct Professor, Ruthie Robinson, was dismissed from her position in Eastern Idaho.  She alleges that the termination was due to a private Facebook post in which she expressed support for the LGBTQ community.

BYU Idaho, as a private entity, is completely within its right as a private club to establish whatever policies it wants, just like Spanky in the film Little Rascal’s is free to preach gender intolerance at his private “He Man ‘Womun’ Haters Club.” Continue reading


Setting Our Kids Up For Failure: The Lack of Early Childhood Education in Idaho

Guest Post by Jeriann Ireland.

If you listen to local radio or watch local tv programming, you’ve likely seen and heard ads for various organizations advocating for improvement to Idaho’s education system. Some of these groups advocate for higher test standards; some think charter schools will solve the issue; others want to focus on college acceptance rates. Then there are those who want to start at the beginning of a child’s life — early childhood education.

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