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Update: Frankenstein (Schoolnet) Now a Whopping 61 Million Dollars – Still Not Working.

20150323_082213“Poor management, poor decisions, and poor system functionality compounded themselves and prevented the goals for a statewide instructional management system from being realized,” said Director Rakesh Mohan of the Office of Performance Evaluations. “The net result is that the project has sunk costs of about $61 million, and the Department of Education and the Legislature are left with few options to consider when deciding the future of the program.”

Such was the scathing report issued by Rakesh Mohan, Director of Idaho’s Office of Performance Evaluations, to the legislature today on the current state of dysfunction regarding Schoolnet, Idaho’s Instructional Management System. Continue reading

Few Special Education Students Find Success in Idaho’s Charters

CDA Population

2013-2014 Child Find Data

CDA Charter Pop

2013-2014 Child Find Data



See a problem?





Note:  All data referenced below utilizes the 2013-2014 school year as that is the most recent set of Special Education Student Data (Child Find) available.

Part 2 of an ongoing series regarding demographic data of students in Idaho’s charters.  The last post spotlighted how minority ethnic populations are largely left out of charter schools relative to the proportional enrollment would expect based on the surrounding local public school district.

This post explores special education student enrollment in Idaho’s charters.  Like minority populations, special education students also appear to enroll in a disproportionate number that one would expect based on the local school district.

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Data Shows Disparity in Minority Student Enrollment at Idaho’s Charter Schools

Supt. Ybarra addresses pro-charter supporters at a Boise, Idaho rally.

Supt. Ybarra addresses pro-charter supporters at a Boise, Idaho rally.

Part 1 of a multi-part series.  Part 2 will focus on Special Education students in Idaho’s charters.  Stay tuned.  Edit: Original post identified Taylor’s crossing as being in Idaho Falls District; it is in Bonneville District and post has been updated to reflect this.

Shortly after inauguration, one of Superintendent Ybarra’s first public events was to demonstrate her support for Idaho’s growing number of charter schools.  Betsy Russell in the Spokesman Review reported Ybarra telling the crowd:

Instead of pitting charter schools and traditional schools against one another … we must instead build a bridge of communication to one another so that we can take the best from each educational option and create successful, effective options for all

That message is a great piece of wisdom that (hopefully) indicates a willingness by the current administration to address the current picture of charter schools in Idaho; that is because the most recent student enrollment data of Idaho’s charters indicates an enormous disparity of racial and special needs enrollment in Idaho’s charters in comparison to the surrounding public school district that desperately needs to be addressed.

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