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Idaho State Representative: Crony Capitalism Alive and Well at the Statehouse


Rep. Judy Boyle

Idaho Congresswoman, Judy Boyle (R), issued a scathing criticism in a “voices” piece on Idaho Ed News against the Idaho Department of Administration and Governor Otter himself over the ongoing legal battle regarding the broadband contract for Idaho’s schools, Idaho Education Network (IEN).

Recently, the contract was voided in the courtroom leaving the fate of the internet resource for schools in jeopardy. It may also potentially put taxpayers on the hook for not only attorney bills, but retroactive payment to the aggrieved parties.

Said Rep. Boyle,

Why did this occur? It is an example of crony capitalism, corruption, special favors for campaign donors, the governor’s staff moving to lobby and/or work for the very businesses receiving the contracts or from those companies to the governor’s staff. It is back-slapping, good old boy networks, winks and nods, cover ups, denying involvement, blaming others, attacking those asking questions or with the courage to say the Emperor has NO clothes.

Be sure to read Rep. Boyle’s piece, in entirety, at Idaho Ed News.




Teach For America OpEd – Teacher Travis Manning

Travis Manning portraitTravis Manning, a local teacher in Caldwell, wrote an interesting OpEd piece in the Press Tribine critical of TFA’s 50 million dollar profit margin, all the awhile claiming to be an altruistic nonprofit entity.

Said Manning,

In May 2013, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton rejected a line-item grant of $1.5 million to fund TFA teachers, citing lack of competition in the application process. Dayton noted TFA’s $50 million profit margin in 2011 and wondered why it would need state assistance (read: corporate welfare) to fund teachers.

Be sure to check out the full article by Manning at the Idaho Press Tribune online.