Last chance to address State Board of Ed about Tiered Certification Tuesday @ 7:00 Mountain View High School in Meridian

dinosaurIf public testimony is any indication, the previous two public hearings regarding tiered licensure revealed an obvious majority in opposition to tiered licensure.  It’s not like nearly 1,500 citizens have signed a petition against the rule, right?

Please take 30 seconds to sign the petition if you haven’t already!

The reasons range: objections to tying standardized tests to evaluation, the inappropriateness of tying test data to special populations like special education students, and the specter of lawsuits in the future over tiered licensure as indicated by the current legal process in New Mexico.

We need to make sure that the State Board of Education understands that rebranding many aspects of the Luna Laws that Idahoans overwhelmingly rejected will not be tolerated.  When Idahoans overwhelmingly rejected these laws, they meant no really does mean no.

Despite the Governor’s rhetoric that the citizenry rejected the laws because of a “bad process,” Idahoans rejected these policies because they understood that the changes would have negative consequences for students, parents, teachers, and our schools.

See, this rule change will scare good teachers away from working with the most difficult students, particularly for Special Education, English Language Learners, and alternative/academy school students because their standardized test scores, which almost by definition are unlikely to be proficient, will be linked to a teacher’s certification, compensation, and evaluation.

If the overwhelming vote in opposition to the Luna Laws wasn’t evident enough, the overwhelmingly negative response to the proposed tiered certification proposal should, at a minimum, be a moment of pause and putting on the brakes for the State Board of Education’s proposed rule change.

The last opportunity to let the State Board of Education know your thoughts and concerns regarding the proposal is 7PM at Mountain View High School’s Auditorium in Meridian, Idaho.

Mt. View High School Auditorium, 2000 South Millennium Way, Meridian, ID 83642

There’s even some free food in a pre-meeting tailgate to be had starting at 5PM.  Just let us know that you’ll be attending.

If you need talking points, a quick synopsis of the potential consequences of this proposal, please be sure to check out our One-Stop-Shop Tiered Certification page.

This proposal is a poor choice for students, parents, teachers, and our great Gem State.  Make sure the State Board understands that calling the Luna Laws by a different name isn’t fooling anyone.  Make yourself heard.




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