Magic Valley Times Published Us Today

Perhaps the pressure is building in the press to stop the Orwellian “double speak” and force ISDE to stop calling the SBAC “ISAT 2.0”

Call it what it is: the SBAC is a national test based on national common core standards.

It is not the ISAT, developed for use in our state only using standards made for Idahoans.

Here is the link!


1 thought on “Magic Valley Times Published Us Today

  1. Mary Ollie

    Doublethink and newsspeak are doing quite well! Readers should note the article in the Idaho Statesmanon Sunday, August 17. To quote the article (about halfway ) “ISSUE NO. 1: COMMON CORE … Idaho has created the Idaho Core Standards, its version of Common Core State Standards adopted by most of the states.”

    Say what? The Common Core standards are copyrighted. Idaho is a member of the testing consortium. Show me when and where Idaho created it’s own standards.

    Next…show me that Idahoans are too smart to be this gullible.



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