Idaho’s Promise Proudly Presents the Film Standardized

Idaho Invitation_w_Age_Info

By Levi B Cavener

Want to be better informed about current education “reform” polices? Better yet, would you like to connect with local education advocacy groups in the area and learn how to make a difference?

Then join us at Northern Lights Cinema Grill in Nampa January 30th for a night of cinematography enlightenment, good food, and great conversation with local advocates like ourselves.

Northern Lights will host the film Standardized, a new film documenting how the culture of high stakes testing is impacting students’ education.

Showings are at 5:30(all ages)  and 7:30(Age 21+)  . Admission is $5.00.

The film explores the impact high stakes standardized tests has on students and their education, but it doesn’t stop there. It also explores the question if corporate influences are promoting a high stakes testing atmosphere that is driven by profit.  You can view the film’s official trailer and website here.

If you are planning on attending, please go to our Facebook page to let us and your friends know that you will be attending.

Please help us spread the word!  Feel free to download the fliers linked below and hand them out to family, friends, and colleagues that you think would be interested.

Standardized Flier (large).

Standardized Flier (small).


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